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Hep Beraber

Hep Beraber


DEBU released this album and went to Istanbul to promote it. The hit song and title of the album, Hep Beraber, was performed by DEBU on every major Turkish TV station daily for two weeks straight. When the band members walked the streets of Istanbul they would be greeted with a wave and the chorus of Hep Beraber – “La ilaha illallah!” The album’s second single, Sarayda, was also a big hit. Its video clip was rated as the 72nd most watched music video on YouTube the month of its release.

Track List

  • 1. Shallallahu Shallallahu 04:49 min
  • 2. Ancak Ask 03:02 min
  • 3. Yaa Laitani 03:51 min
  • 4. Mezheb-i-Ask 03:34 min
  • 5. Gönlüm Seni Çagiriyor 03:32 min
  • 6. Hep Beraber 03:15 min
  • 7. A Place Troubadour 03:56 min
  • 8. Sarayda 03:28 min
  • 9. Halk Durasi 03:42 min
  • 10. Mustafa Gemisinde 04:07 min
  • 11. Allah My Heart Calls Out to You 03:27 min



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