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Gubahan Pecinta

Gubahan Pecinta


Released by DEBU independently (not through a record label), this album features songs in seven languages. It was produced to accompany Gubahan Pecinta (Poems of a Lover: A Travel Guide), a book of Sufi poetry written by Shaykh Fattaah that is a compilation of his works in nine different languages. The intention behind having this book and album in so many languages is to enable listeners worldwide to read and hear the message of universal love shared in DEBU’s lyrics in their native tongues.

Track List

  • 1. Lingkaran Zikir Kita (Our Circle of Remembrance) 04:13 min
  • 2. Sasakala Cinta (Love's Unspoken Tale) 04:52 min
  • 3. Doa Rakyat (Prayer of the People) 03:45 min
  • 4. Doa Cinta (Prayer of Love) 02:40 min
  • 5. Ampunilah Saya (Forgive Me) 02:33 min
  • 6. Palace Troubadour 03:58 min
  • 7. Allah My Heart Calls Out To You 03:29 min
  • 8. Solamente Amor (Only Love) 03:31 min
  • 9. Sarayda (In The Place) 03:30 min
  • 10. Yaa Laitani (Where's The Joy Of Life) 03:53 min
  • 11. Jin Ni Ming Bai (Only You Undertsand) 02:52 min
  • 12. L'Alba (The Dawn) 04:17 min



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