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Makin Mabuk

Makin Mabuk


Makin Mabuk (Even More Drunk), DEBU’s second release, features more ethnic instruments from around the world in its 13 rich and expressive songs as DEBU captures a widespread global audience. Mazhab Cinta (The Path of Love) has an upbeat reggae bounce and captivating clarinet/bass solo. The songs Pesta Asyik (Joyous Celebration) and Tawanan Kegembiraan (Prisoner of Joy) are inspired musically by the group's stay among the Bugis people in Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. Don't Turn Back is done in the form of an upbeat rap song while staying faithful to Debu’s world music sound. Angin Sepoi-Sepoi (Gentle Breeze) and Mabuk, Mabuk (Drunk, Drunk) draw heavily on Turkish influences with the use of the saz and oud along with the percussion of the tar and dumbek.

Track List

  • 1. Pesta Asyik 03:50 min
  • 2. Mazhab Cinta 03:35 min
  • 3. Biduan Istananya 04:01 min
  • 4. Astaghfirullah 03:25 min
  • 5. Tawanan Kegembiraan 04:14 min
  • 6. Salawat Buat Ahmad 04:50 min
  • 7. Don_t Turn Back 05:26 min
  • 8. Mabuk, Mabuk 04:45 min
  • 9. Angin Sepoi-Sepoi 04:29 min
  • 10. Ucapkanlah Bersama 03:10 min
  • 11. Satu Lagu Lagi 04:50 min
  • 12. Gerbang Tol 03:51 min
  • 13. Ayolah Jiwa Yang Tenang 03:28 min



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