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Mabuk Cinta

Mabuk Cinta


DEBU’s premier album, Mabuk Cinta (Drunk with Love), provides a glimpse into their diverse multilingual repertoire. A rich and colorful tapestry of East and West, traditional and modern, DEBU’s music is world fusion, incorporating a hint of Latin and a touch of jazz. Mabuk Cinta means “drunk with love” in Indonesian, and each of the ten songs on this album is a love song in its own way. The hit single Cinta Saja (Just Love), which became DEBU’s first music video, speaks of a state of love that completely overtakes the lover, to the point where he sees nothing other than the one he loves. The songs in this album indicate to the listener what goes on in the heart of a true lover.

Track List

  • 1. Ampunilah Saya 04:22 min
  • 2. Cinta Saja 04:40 min
  • 3. Lautan Hatiku 04:50 min
  • 4. Badan dan Hati 03:54 min
  • 5. Insya Allah 04:47 min
  • 6. Di Dalam Taman Kekasih 03:40 min
  • 7. Asyik Nama Allah 04:56 min
  • 8. Dari Timur Terbit Cahaya 04:56 min
  • 9. Mustafa Ainul Waraa 04:48 min
  • 10. Allah, Hati Memanggilmu 04:22 min



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