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Nyawa Dan Cinta

Nyawa Dan Cinta


Nyawa dan Cinta (The Soul and Love) is an attempt to convey the Sufi teaching that the soul and love were each created and then mixed to become one. Where there is a soul there is love, and vice versa. When a crowd of 30,000 people wants an encore, DEBU frequently sings this album’s second hit single, Hentakkanlah Kaki (Stomp Your Feet). This song is a call to rise up and let out the enthusiasm needed to experience life to the fullest. The result is 30,000 people on their feet, hands in the air, singing with all their heart. This album also hosts Babun Nikmat (The Door of Delight), which won the international JPF award for Best Middle Eastern Song in 2009.

Track List

  • 1. Nyawa Dan Cinta 04:41 min
  • 2. Agama 03:28 min
  • 3. Harta Dalam Puing 04:30 min
  • 4. Babun-Nikmat 03:35 min
  • 5. Kami Tak Keluar 05:23 min
  • 6. Hentakkanlah Kaki 03:56 min
  • 7. Tobat Berkali-Kali 03:58 min
  • 8. Sallallahu 04:55 min
  • 9. Dendang Sufi 04:59 min
  • 10 Kemerdekaan 04:02 min



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